ECMG focuses on Candu Reactor equipped - Nuclear Power Plants training in the areas of licensed staff authorization, simulator, engineering, management, skills, and On-the-Job-Training with emphasis on the systematic approach to Training.

General Training:

  • Provide comprehensive reviews of NPP Training Programs and Programs Effectiveness against the IAEA’s and WANO’s Guidelines for Training and Qualification reviews
  • Develop comprehensive Training Action Plans
  • Providing Job-and-Task Analysis for Shift Supervisor and Control Room Operator, and Field Operator Position
  • Produce SAT based training programs for station staff
  • Develop Continuing Training strategies and programs
  • Training Department Management

 Authorization Training: 

ECMG training experts have provided the following products to our client and are able to emulate these for future clients:

  • Completed  a Job and Task Analysis for the Control Room Operator Positions by Duty  Area
  • Completed a set of Standarized Knowledge Based Training Objectives for over 100 Systems
  • Completed a full set of Authorization Training Manuals complete with a comprehensive Question/Answer bank.
  • Provided full scope simulator training for Initial Authorization and Refresher Training of Unit 1 and Unit 2 CRO’s and Shift Supervisors
  • Conducted full scope simulator scenarios for regulatory Examinantions
  • Completed Complex Scenario Events for Authorization Training
  • Authored and revised Continuing Training Program Station Instructions

Candu 6 Nuclear Control Training Room