East Coast Management Group provides dynamic and integrated services using the group's broad capabilities to address our clients' issues. Our organization is able to access multiple engineering disciplines and expertise focused on supporting our client’s Candu Reactor equipped nuclear power plants.


We  provide support in the following areas: 

  • Continuing Equipment Reliability
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Component Health Monitoring
  • Aging and Obsolescence Program Development
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Plant Life Management
  • Essential Equipment and Single Point Vulnerability Determination
  • Top Ten Equipment Problems
  • Capital Project Management
  • Modification Proposal Approval Process
  • Use of Replacement Materials Parts & Equipment
  • Preparation of Modification Work Packages
  • Operational Readiness Review Program
  • Technical Operability Evaluations
  • Configuration Change Determination
  • Technical Division Self Assessment
  • Fukushima Event Reviews and Action Plan Preparation