Head Office – President and Partner J. Robert Noble

East Coast Management Group
160 Meadow Drive
Hampton, NB
E5N 6R3
Phone 1-506-832-2328

Romania Branch Office – Vice President and Partner George H. Foster

Aleea Heracleea Nr. 6
Bl. Z2, Sc.C, Et.3, Suite 41.
Jud. Constanta
Mobile. 011-40-725-98-1657


  • ECMG employs Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) based on clients specific needs
  • ECMG employees have years of experience in the CANDU nuclear industry
  • ECMG employees have previously held senior positions with a very high level of specific training, and have guided their clients through the implementation of processes and programs currently under development elsewhere.
  • ECMG management are also nuclear SME’s and work as a team with their SME’s and their clients to ensure quality fulfillment of their clients’ needs.
  • ECMG offers competitive pricing.
  • ECMG personnel have a broad network of contacts throughout the North American nuclear power industry, and are available on a continuous basis to provide technical support to the client